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Make a donation today

No matter how good the candidate, no campaign can be successful without the generous donations of supporters like you.

We need to buy election flyers, signs, and advertisements and it is important to have a strong start.

Please make a donation today to help get Melanie’s campaign started!

How to make a donation

Making a donation is very easy to do, there are several options for you to access.

Paypal is so easy to use, there is a simple form to complete at the bottom of the page, with a contribute button that will take you to the Paypal site. This will enable you to make your donation through credit card or account transfer.

E-transfers are accepted at

A cheque can be made out to, Melanie O’Brien – Ward 1 Election, and mailed to:

Melanie O’Brien, Candidate Ward 1
157 Marconi Blvd.
London, ON
N5V 1A6

Myself or one of my team members would be happy to arrange to pick it up, if it is more convenient for you.

Cash is accepted but please note that we are not able to accept cash amounts over $25 from an individual, due to the Municipal Election Act.

With sincere gratitude

Thank you so much for your generous support. Together, we will make great things happen for Ward 1 and for all Londoners.

Melanie O’Brien

Melanie O'Brien signature


Name and Address

(donations can only be received from Ontario residents and the maximum donation you can give Melanie is $1200, donations can only be made by individuals, corporate and union donations are not allowed under Ontario law)