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Unfortunately for Londoners, the City is doing a poor job of communicating the BRT, the actual costs, what the efficiencies are, why the east end was left out of the plan, and how this will benefit every Londoner who uses public transportation. I am attending more BRT sessions that are offered through the city, in hopes of learning more and gaining a better understanding of the project. At this point, I’m still filled with questions that are not being answered.

Speaking from a Ward 1 perspective, the BRT plan is not a benefit.  Ward 1, for the most part, again feels as though it is left out, will not directly benefit, but they will certainly pay towards it. Ward 1 is saying, “we are good enough to pay, but not good enough to play”.

I feel that the investment in electric buses is a great thing for all of London, and our environment.  Even with a price to start off with, the lower operation costs, and impact on our environment will be a huge benefit to our city, our community, our families, and our budget.

I support the expansion of transit into areas that are not currently served or not being served efficiently. I fully support helping Londoners get to the jobs that are available. This will assist and support people into gaining meaningful employment, creating a sense of well being.

We have employers here in London, with job openings. They are holding more than one job fair for available jobs, because they can’t fill them.  They can’t fill them, because the bus does not go to the jobs. Even if we were able to support the facility, and the employee, by coordinating bus schedules out to the jobs for shift changes, our community would benefit.  Employers will stay in London because they can fill their jobs, thus generating revenues for the city. Londoners will have a chance to be self sufficient; therefore, spending money in our communities, and paying taxes. Plans like these benefit our whole community, not just a select few. Just by getting people to where the jobs are; helps reduce stress, poverty, mental and physical health, and reliance on the food banks.

By getting people to where the jobs are will increase revenues to the city, improve our community  and the health of Londoners. By supporting the working poor, we support the City of London.

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